Our training division is called WordMaster Academy, where we have a team of instructional designers and trainers to assist you to develop training material as well as train you on how to create effective technical documentation.

Training Material Development

At WordMaster we understand and appreciate the significant difference between training material and user manuals, which many organisations fail to differentiate between. We can create material for classroom-based training, self-training and online training.

We develop training material taking into consideration the fundamental principles of learning. We understand that people learn in different ways. Whilst some learn through visual observations, others learn through practical experience and some learn simply by reading and taking notes. We can create courses that cater for the various types of learners. Key to our development process is understanding the audience and analysing the actual users of the material. This allows us to identify the language, style and format that would best suit the learners.

Examples of training deliverables we can provide:

  • Instructor guides
  • Learner guides with activities
  • Self-training manuals with activities and tests
  • Online training HTML pages with glossary, search function and index
  • PowerPoint deck
  • Evaluation forms

Training Courses

WordMaster can not only develop training courses, but we have our own selection of in-hopuse developed training courses to further support your organisation and products and services.

We are currently offering the following courses:

  • Proposal Writing (1 day)
  • Technical Writing¬† Basic (1 day)
  • Technical Writing Advanced (2 days)

For more information on our training services call 020 8220 8282.

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