Please note, in most cases we are bound by NDAs and therefore we are not able to disclose names of our clients. However, if you require references, they can be provided.


"I’ve seen the manuals today and I’m very pleased (again) with the quality of your work. Our next release is planned for January (although I’m anticipating a delay – almost certainly...). Looking forward to working with you again for that release."

Head of Operations - Telecommunication Services Provider


"I am very pleased with the quality of the manuals and I am confident that they will reduce the pain our clients have been experiencing whilst using the previous 300 page manual! Thank you once again."

Head of Project Management - IT Service Provider


"Hi Motia, thanks for all your help with this, a really good and successful piece of work which is already making a real difference to our users."

Head of Strategy - SharePoint Service Provider


"I was recommended to speak to Motia about proof reading of my website, I  then discovered she could assist me with my re-marketing strategy which she did and now with tender application. She has been a font of knowledge, who is very keen to help and goes beyond the call of duty. A fantastic service which I would recommend to anyone!"

Darren Hyde, Managing Director, VIP Security services 


"I am writing to commend you for dealing with one of my difficult to comprehend briefs for an important business proposal. At very short notice, you more than surpassed the brief with a very slick proposal. As a result of your words and despite too many of my own during the presentation it was a great success. In my eyes you are truly the "WordMaster". Please ask any potential clients to call me anytime to hear me rant on, and on, and on about how good you are."

Stephen Webb, Director, Safety Assured Ltd


"When I visited you, you enquired into my business and the intended outcome of the article in such a way to draw out all the salient points, including many which would not, and indeed, did not occur to me. The finished article was given an 'angle' to make its points in the most effective way, and its pacing was such to create and maintain the readers' interest."

Peter Walters, Managing Director, Power Visual


I have been a qualified primary school teacher for almost a year now. The primary PGCE course required two assignments to be successfully completed and passed. My first attempts to both assignments were a fail. Obviously, I was stressed because I had to pass theses essays in order to qualify as a teacher. Nevertheless, I was given a second chance to submit them again. I knew I needed some professional help, in my writing skills and came across WordMaster. The service WordMaster provided was of high quality. They were extremely professional and reliable. WordMaster completely transformed my academic writing skills from a huge Fail to a great Merit. They guided me step by step by suggesting how to improve my writing skills by being extremely specific. WordMaster taught me how to structure an essay and how to answer the actual essay question. In addition, they advised me to keep my sentences short and to the point making use of correct punctuation and grammar consistently. I highly recommend WordMaster to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

 Postgraduate Student / Primary School Teacher


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