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A professional editor understands that the audience is the root of all writing. Our editors will edit your documents to communicate the right message to your specific audience.

Structure, flow and presentation are fundamental to all effective communication. WordMaster’s editing process involves reviewing your document’s content, structure, style of writing and general layout of information.

We can edit documents of any type and in any format.

We will:

  • restructure your documents to ensure your message is being conveyed with clarity and impact.
  • re-write sections to ensure the language used is clear and the style of writing is consistent throughout the document.
  • ensure information shown in tables is presented in the correct format and reformat referencing elements such as Table of Content if required. We will also check that figures in tables and spread sheets sum to totals correctly.
  • ensure internal cohesion by checking names are spelled correctly and contact details are accurate.

Our editing service concludes with a final proof read of the document and updating of the Table of Content where applicable.

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